Reflections of the French CP's on presidential elections

Statements from the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF), the Revolutionary Party-Communists (PRC), the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and Pierre Laurent on behalf of the French Communist Party (PCF)

ICP, 10 May 2017

Following the victory of Emmanuel Macron, of the Forward! (En Marche!) Movement, who had 66% of the votes against 34% for Marine Le Pen, of the National Front (Front National), in the second tour of the presidential elections that were held on May 7, we share some extracts of the declarations of the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF), the Revolutionary Party-Communists (PRC), the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and Pierre Laurent on behalf of the French Communist Party (PCF).


PCRF ‘This result is of a tremendous all-out effort of the propaganda and communication apparatus of the monopolist capital’

The declaration entitled ‘Macron, the reactionary continuity at Elysee’ states that ‘[t]his result is of a tremendous all-out effort of the propaganda and communication apparatus of the monopolist capital.’

It is stated that ‘[f]rom now on,  our priority is, without waiting, to organize the struggle against the attacks that are prepared against the Labor Code and the other measures of the Macron-Fillon-Gattaz [François Fillon being the candidate of the central right and Pierre Gattaz being the president of the boss organization MEDEF]. We salute the demonstrations organized by the unions CGT and Sud/Solidaire on May 8.’

It is concluded that PRCF ‘will present candidates [in the general elections in June] which will be bearers of the idea that, the alternative, the only one, is the construction of a large Communist Party that is capable to help the labor class and the masses in order to realize the historical role of get over with Le Pen and Macron, the pain, the misery, the absence of democracy, the war threat, the capitalism in order to construct the socialism towards the communism.’


PRC: ‘Macron or Le Pen, the elections were only a choice between two representatives of two big companies’

The declaration entitled ‘Macron President, The Struggle More Than Ever’ notices that ‘Macron or Le Pen, the elections were only a choice between two representatives of two big companies.’ It is stated that ‘[t]he multinational capitalists want always more to increase their profits’ and ‘we see that Macron will do everything to continue to adapt the French society to the demands of the capital.’  

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader of the Unbowed France (FI) who received almost one fifth of the votes at the first tour of the elections, is also criticized by the question ‘Melenchon promises to prepare the best days. How will he do it by refusing to touch the in place capitalist system?’


PRCF: ‘More than ever the PRCF calls on sympathizers who supported its militant efforts, as well as the many friends who supported his campaign on the internet, to step up membership now’

The declaration of the PCRF is the following:

‘Prepared for months by dozens of press covers and tv shows promoting Macron and Le Pen, the highly foreseeable victory of the candidate of big banks- Macron – is the programmed résult of the indecent exploitation of noble anti-racist sentiments of the French people, of the despicable enterprise aimed at blaming left-wing voters who were reluctant to vote for Macron, and even more of the almost totalitarian sacred union of the « beaufs » and « bobos » medacrats, from Figaro to L’Humanité passing through Le Monde and Libération. All these European anthem singers are mobilized in favor of the candidate of Merkel, Obama and Juncker, Gattaz and Parisot, LR and PS, Hue and P. Laurent, EU and NATO. Without forgetting the yellow direction of the CFDT, ahead of the ranks to accompany the Euro-regressions *.

As expected, Marine Le Pen helped his opponent triumph by increasingly retreating on his alleged willingness to break with the EU, declaring himself « European » in all tones and making a cross on the lens, even if grossly demagogic in his mouth, from retirement to 60 years. These highly foreseeable retreats of the FN, which Le Pen has tried to conceal behind an ostentatious aggressiveness, show more than ever that Frexit, which is essential to put France back on the path of independence, progress and multi-continental cooperation, will be progressive or , carried by the working class, by the true communists, class unionists, genuine anti-fascists and patriots of progress, or else it will not. Because the FN is a locks that help the « system » to hold against forbiding any alternative: on the contrary, the pseudo-choice Macron-Le Pen of the second round between the fascinating « France in order » of the FN and the galloping uberization carried by the  » Euro-federalist Macron, is nothing more than a political pincer aimed at crushing France between state xenophobia and the eudo-dissolution of the nation, all taking place on context of dangerous slippery path to an ever more police state and new imperialist wars fomented by Donald Trump.

In this context, it is to be welcomed that many « progressive » voters, « rebellious », communists, struggling trade unionists, practiced citizen abstention, white voting, « red » votes, or maintained their vote JLM in the 2nd round. As much as those who voted Macron without endorsing his program, but believing that they were carrying out an anti-fascist duty, these lucid citizens, capable of resisting the enormous media pressure, prepared the resistance, not only to the FN, but to those who make their way by destroying the achievements of the National Council of Recistance (CNR) and the sovereignty of the nation, and even our French language in advance sacrificed to transatlantic all-English (of which Macron is a vector assumed). Already, the moral legitimacy of Macron and his catch-all party is null to apply this reactionary line sponsored from Berlin and Brussels: for not only this character, who had obtained on his name only 16% of the registered In the first round, is very minor in counting abstentions, « dull » and whites (just over 40% of those registered, 59% of whom say they did so only to block the FN, which means a vote only 18% in favour of Macron), not only many of its voters in the second and even the first round had not voted for its program but only to « block » Fillon and / or the FN. But Macron is the product of a system that does everything so that voters decide less on their positive aspirations than on fears and on « tactical » pseudo-votes re-named « useful vote »: so that at the finish, this denatured election. Resultats does not reflect the aspirations of the majority of the people for full-employment, decent wages and a dignified life for all. In particular, how can we not look with disgust at the blackmail which, in the second round, cynically disguised as an anti-fascist barrage a Macron vote which the candidate’s profession of faith expressly presents, not as « a vote against anyone » but as a plebiscite for its megaproject of neoliberal break, the very one that the people had rejected by voting no to the European constitution in 2005, by dismissing Sarkozy, and by forbidding Holland to represent itself?

Moreover, the political scientist Jerome Sainte-Marie is right to observe that, in a manner as distorted as it is flagrant, the present election crudely reveals the class divide that divides the country:

On the one hand, all the reconciled tendencies of the bourgeoisie, from conservatives to social liberals flanked by their Eurocommunist satellites, rallied Macron as one man: less to « defend democracy » (the stacking of thirteen liberticidal laws in twelve years proves that France from above mocks freedoms) to take their revenge on May 29, 2005 and to make the band plead the « European federal leap » and the « eurozone government » that Merkel and Holland concocted in the backs of peoples. So the class goal of this mates is to have sufficiently undermined the nation-state and the « French exception » of 1789 and the CNR at the end of the next quinquennium, so that the counter-offensive of the workers must have to face in front of them an irreversibly consolidated European Empire when the revolt breaks out. This means that no « state of grace » should be left to Macron-Merkel and his party « neither left nor left, » nor to the FN that it is necessary to flush out its false role of « tribune » Of the laboring nation which it divides and paralyzes …

On the other hand, in the misguided, even suicidal form of the FN vote, but also, contradictorily, in the form of mass abstention from the workers, and much more positively , in the form of the Mélenchon vote, the popular classes and the most unbridled part of the middle classes are increasingly on the sidelines of the oppressive system of the 5th Republic reformed by the EU. Even if Macron and Parisot think they can knock out the workers and the progressive movement with the programmed Blitzkrieg of the summer violent prescriptions, a large-scale social breakdown can occur salutarily in autumn, so workers and youth are exasperated by this policy which take always to the « Small « to stuff the privileged of the financial parasitism that represent Macron, Fillon … and Le Pen. It will be necessary, however, to ensure that this counter-offensive targets not only Macron and the MEDEF, but also to demand that it clearly points out (what the struggles against the so-called El Khomri  » didn’t do suffficiently), the EU construction : because it is increasingly on a continental scale that the breakdown of social gains, democratic freedoms and popular sovereignties is orchestrated.

The PRCF is proud for its part of having made the good choice, in the first round, to provide critical but dynamic and constructive support to the candidature of Jean Luc Mélenchon to whom he had missed a few votes to reached the second round, which would have eliminated both Fillon, the PS and Le Pen by arousing a great May Day of combat

The PRCF is very proud to have called, in the second round, to deflate the workers’ vote for the FN without guaranteeing the mortal enemy of the working nation that is Macron. The communist activists of the PRCF dynamically privileged the frankly communist tracting at the entrance of the factories (while working wherever possible with militants PCF, JC, or with rebel committees) to call on the working class to wear the Frexit progressive in the perspective of socialism. The PRCF supports the initiatives of many trade union bases which call on May 8 for resistance against Macron. It calls for the multiplication of connections between social forces and political forces in order to build the Euro-critical and progressive popular opposition necessary to break the Macron-Lepen stranglehold, including for future legislatures. More than ever the PRCF calls on sympathizers who supported its militant efforts, as well as the many friends who supported his campaign on the internet, to step up membership now: a stronger and organized PRCF everywhere will serve greatly, not only to denounce the FN LR  EM PS capitalist system, but also to speed up the reconstruction of the true communist party, to help class unionism, to federate the supporters of the Frexit Progressive and defend world peace threatened by imperialism.


* It is sad that CGT leaders overstepped the confederal mandate by calling, not to deny any vote to the FN, which of course, but to vote by name Macron, The champion all categories of uberization of work!’


PCF: ‘Our party has a goal for these legislative elections: Bring the people into the Assembly’

On behalf of the French Communist Party, Pierre Laurent made the following declaration, which also addresses Jean-Luc Melenchon for an election alliance:

‘This evening, the candidate from the National Front was roundly defeated. What a relief! 65 % of French voters refused to elect a head of state who promotes ideas of hatred and division, a project that is racist and xenophobic, and public policy that is violently discriminatory, economically liberal, and belligerent.
As Communists, we are proud to have worked with resolve to defeat the far right, for we know that the National Front project continues to threaten the Republic and our unity.
But tonight, we are not in the mood to celebrate. Our country is living through dark days. This second round, once again, sounds a serious alarm for all citizens who feel strongly about protecting our democracy and preserving equality. Marine Le Pen obtained a score of 35 %, which is 14 % more than her first-round score.
This is the result of the “normalisation” of extreme right ideas; we are more determined than ever to fight them. This is also the result of decades of complacent political alternation to the detriment of the pubic interest, and of successive administrations’ betrayal and abandonment of the people.
Tonight, we share the deep-seated anger of the millions of people who felt ambushed by this second round. An ambush organised by the worn-out, perverse workings of the 5th Republic. In the future, we do not want to have to be obliged to vote by default to defeat the far right. We never want to see the far right in such a position again.
For this reason, we must build up to the victory of a genuine political change that will free France from the clutches of financial markets, that will put “humans first”, that will attack the domination of finance by granting new powers on all levels, opening the path to a new society of happiness, solidarity, justice, environmental preservation, peace and equality.
It is not Emmanuel Macron, the candidate chosen by the world of finance and elected president this night, who will follow this path of progressive policies. He wants to commodify everything in society. His election is a feeble one. Millions of voters who cast ballots for Macron were above all seeking to block Marine Le Pen.
In the first round, many voted for Macron in the hope of avoiding a run-off between Fillon and Le Pen. Only a minority of citizens actually support his programme, which promises serious social and democratic regression.
What remains to be done is the construction of an alternative for the social, environmental and democratic transformation of public policy and the formation of a new majority to carry it forward. As of tomorrow, and throughout the five-year presidential mandate, Communists will be mobilised to push ahead, along with all forces of the left that are willing.
The announced destruction of the French Labour Code will diminish workers’ rights; we will fight for job security and training to eliminate unemployment and social precarity, by giving employees new powers in businesses and giving banks more power over financial markets.
The attack on pensions and the privatisation of Social Security have been proposed in Macon’s programme through the elimination of social contributions; we will set up a plan to defend and develop Social Security.
Macron has called for a 60-billion euro cut in public spending and the elimination of 120,000 civil service positions; we offer a plan for revitalising local public services in all fields.
Executive orders are used by authoritarians; we will fight for democratic rule.
We will be present in all battles against the anti-social programme Macron is promoting, against the ultra-reactionary projects of the right and the far right.

* * *

It is in this spirit that we approach the legislative elections to be held on 11 and 18 June. The French Communist Party is fully engaged. No parliamentary majority has yet been formed by any party. In five weeks, our people will have a new opportunity to decide on our present and our future.
On the strength of the votes of millions of citizens for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round of the presidential elections on 23 April, and with all the forces that supported his candidacy and those that may join us, we can go far towards electing a National Assembly that will truly represent us and constitute a new majority for action.
United, we can win in many districts. Without unity, our electoral gains will be limited and leave room for more MPs from Macron’s “En Marche!” movement, the right and the far right. We have a major shared responsibility to voters of the left and from the environmental movement. These voters are eager for a united front.
To achieve this, we need a broad national agreement, fair and representative, under a single banner that unites all: France Insoumise, Communist Party, Ensemble!, and the Left Front.
This corresponds to the hopes and aspirations of the majority of voters who cast their ballots for Jean-Luc Mélenchon on 23 April. The Communist Party is ready to enter into such an agreement.
In all cases, united we can act to block the National Front’s path in many districts where there is a danger that the party might take firm root.
We can choose the candidate who will maximise our chances of winning in each voting district.
This evening, we are once again sending a solemn appeal to the political leaders of La France Insoumise: it is not too late to reach such a national agreement. We are prepared, if our ambition is not shared, to reach more limited agreements. We call for dialogue across the nation in the coming hours.
Our party has a goal for these legislative elections: Bring the people into the Assembly.
The Communist – Left Front candidates whom we support are from the France of working people, from the public and private sectors, from all trades and professions, union leaders, involved citizens from all walks of life and origins, young candidates bringing a breath of fresh air to politics as well as women and men of experience who have served in elected office locally.
Alongside these supporters, on 11 May at 7 p.m., Pierre Laurent will launch our national campaign during a major rally at the Japy gymnasium in Paris.
Let us remain strong and united as of today, to continue the combat against the far right and push back isolationist ideas.
Let us remain strong and united as of now, to engage in resistance and advance projects that offer an alternative to the dismantling of social protection and the exacerbation of inequalities that the new president plans to implement.
Let us realise the promise of a new left in France, a promise born in the ballot box on 23 April.

Pierre Laurent,
National Secretary
French Communist Party
Paris, 7 May 2017’