Reflections of the French CPs on the first round of general elections

Statements from the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF), the Revolutionary Party-Communists (PRC), the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and the French Communist Party (PCF)

ICP, 14 June 2017


Following the first round of the general elections that were held one month after the presidential elections that resulted with the victory of Emmanuel Macron, whose rebaptised movement The Republic on the Move (LRM) is likely to gain more than 400 seats out of 577 in the French National Assembly, we share some extracts of the declarations of the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF), the Revolutionary Party-Communists (PRC), the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and the French Communist Party (PCF).


PCRF: ‘Tsunami without water’

The declaration entitled ‘General elections: Delusive tsunami of the bourgeoisie’ states that ‘the first tour of the general elections confirm the extent of the political crisis that penetrates our country for several years.

It is stated that the Socialist Party (PS) ‘leaves behind the elections battered’ and the PCF ‘is on the verge of extinction’ and the Unbowed France [FI] movement of Jean-Luc Melenchon is ‘incapable of occupying neither the place of the PCF nor that of the PS.’

For the second tour of the elections to be held on June 18, 2017, the PCRF calls ‘all workers to reject the candidates of LR [The Republicans], FN [National Front], LRM/MODEM [The Republic on the Move/Democratic Movement] and PS’ and ‘for the rest, taking the local situations into account’ the PCRF calls ‘to reject all those who called to vote for Macron at the second round of the presidential elections, those who defend social Europe instead of fighting against the European Union of the capital, those who have a complacent attitude towards the forces that want to destruct the Syrian Arab Republic.’

The party makes an appeal for ‘all those who consider itself as communist in this country, no matter organized or not, member of the PCF or left it, to meet and discuss the perspective of re-foundation of a revolutionary party’ and ‘ the organization of the labor class and popular masses in order to confront the aggressive politics of the monopoles and their representative Macron’.


PRC: ‘Massive abstentionism confirms that workers, youth know that elections can not bring any change to their situation’

The declaration of the party underlines the high abstentionism and states that ‘the massive abstentionism confirms that the workers, the youth know that the elections can not bring any change to their situation’

The party states thaty it ‘will not support any candidates at the second round of the elections on June 18. The party calls for voting the ballot paper available on the Party’s website ‘against the politics of Macron and the capital.’ and makes an appeal for the people to join them.


PRCF: ‘It is the struggle that will be decisive for the crucial resistance of the French people’

The pole notices that the significant abstentionism at the elections that ‘delegitimizes more the anti-national and anti-social project that Macron bears entirely in the service of Gattaz [the president of the boss organization MEDEF]] and the EU of Merkel.’

The PRCF “addresses all real communists infuriated by M. Laurent’s [the secretary-general of the PCF] trial balloons on the issue of the changing the name of the PCF (that’s to say the formalization of the decommunization, which was already completed in practice), the class trade unionists who must relate to social resistance and the refusal of the harmful ‘European federal leap’ underway, all the progressivist patriots who understand the necessity of exiting the EU by a progressivist and anti-fascist way, all those who want to construct a Honestly Unbowed France  against the EU/NATO of the capital and the capitalism itself“


PCF: ‘It is urgent to revise the institutions in this country’

The party has made two declarations on the general elections.

In the first declaration it is maintained that ‘it is urgent to revise the institutions in our country, restore the general elections to its place in the democratic debate and establish the proportional representation in all types of elections.’ The party calls for ‘the largest gathering and mobilization in order to elect the candidates who will oppose with strength and determination to the anti-social politics.’

In the second declaration the party ‘calls the electors of the left’ ‘to mobilize around the candidates and let the women and men of the field to be elected, who have always fought against the austerity policies and injustices ’