PCPE: 'The defense of the country must always be the defense of the interests of its working class'

Statement by the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) on the Catalan referendum

ICP, 02 October 2017

The Political Secretariat of the PCPE released a statement in the aftermath of the Catalan referendum, which was supressed harshly by the Spanish Government last Sunday.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

"Following today's events, the PCPE shows its concern for the increase of the repressive escalation in the Catalan conflict. Today the dictatorial nature of the State has been re-established, an element that we Communists have always denounced and for which we have especially warned in recent weeks.

The PCPE has spoken clearly about the political basis of the Catalan conflict and the proposals that the working class needs in order to get out of the false dichotomies in which nationalism seeks to trap it. We have said that the road of independentism is not useful for achieving self-determination in Catalonia. But while we try to get the working class to choose its own way, we believe that all those Catalans who wanted to express themselves through the vote had the right to do so without having to face police charges. The actions of the State aimed at preventing the vote, especially those of a police nature, have all our rejection.

The PCPE is concerned about the rise of nationalism. When the working class, by virtue of the defense of the homeland, gives a blank check to its government to confront the working class of other nations, it is being defeated. The defense of the country must always be the defense of the interests of its working class, interests always confluent with those of the entire international working class.

The Political Secretariat of the PCPE, 1 October 2017."