NATO forces step back in front of the communists of Greece

On Friday June 2nd, members of KKE and KNE blocked the way of NATO forces coming from Albania, near the Greek town Kozani 

ICP, 3 June 2017

The members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) blocked the way to the convoy of 22 military vehicles of NATO demanding them to return back with the below main slogans: ‘No land, no water to the killers of the people’, ‘NATO killers go home’. The troop was planning to go to Romania where it would take part in the military exercise named as ‘Noble Jump’.

KKE made a statement condemning the government for giving land and opening the way to the troops of NATO to procede to its dangerous operations and called the people of Greece to struggle so that the country withdraws from NATO, disentangles from the imperialist interventions, all NATO bases in the country get closed and all Greek soldiers doing their military service abroad return back to the country.