Motion against the anticommunist persecutions against CP of Poland

Communist and workers' parties issued a motion concerning the judicial persecutions against the activities of the Communist Party of Poland.

ICP, 23 November  2017

Four cadres of the CP of Poland had been sentenced by the regional court of Dąbrowa Górnicza to 9 months of restricted freedom with obligatory social work and fines on March 31st, 2016 . The legal procedure against the activities of the CP of Poland is going on for two years and will restart on the 27th of November with the charges of “dissemination of the communist ideology” in the Brzask newspaper and on the Party’s website. If the court finds them guilty, the charges are up to two years of incarceration.

According to the motin of the communist and workers' parties, the CP of Poland is facing a new offensive from the Polish capitalist class and from the government party of “Law and Justice” (PiS), which is trying to illegalize the CP of Poland on the context that “the Program of the CP of Poland does not abide by the Constitution”. The participants of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCP) condemned the attempts to outlaw the communist ideology in Poland. The statement went as follows: 

"We denounce the persecutions against our Polish comrades. These persecutions, as well as the persecutions in other EU member-states, go hand in hand with the intensification of the anti-popular offensive, aim at equating Communism with the fascist monster; they aim at erasing the achievements of Socialism from the collective memory of the peoples.

100 years after the October Revolution, the peoples can and must draw conclusions from the anti-communist political positions of the EU and of the bourgeois governments that are becoming more intense. They must trust the Communists and demand the satisfaction of their modern needs, organizing their struggle against the capitalist system, the monopolies and their power. All charges against the CP of Poland and its cadres have to be dropped immediately. Hands off the Communists of Poland, the Communist ideology and their unrestricted action. Solidarity with the CP of Poland!  Anti-communism shall notasdfsadfasdfass!"

CP of Poland emphasized that the following trial would be a part of a campaign by the government to illegalize the Communist Party. It said, "This persecution is taking place simultaneously with the anti-communist policy of rewriting history and removing monuments and names of the streets associated with communism and workers' movement from the public space."

The CP of Poland called for organising solidarity protests against the political persecution in front of Polish embassies all over the world on the trial day, November 27th.

The motion against the persecutions was signed by the following parties:

Communist Party of Australia

Party of Labour of Austria

Communist Party of Azerbaidjan

Progressive Tribune Bahrain

Communist Party of Bangladesh

Communist Party of Belarus

Communist Party of Brazil

Brazilian Communist Party

New Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Bulgaria

Party of the Bulgarian Communists

Socialist Workers Party of Croatia

Communist Party of Cuba

AKEL, Cyprus

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

Egyptian Communist Party

Communist Party of Equador

Communist Party of Estonia

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

German Communist Party

Communist Party of Greece

Hungarian Workers' Party

Communist Party of India

Communist Party of India (Marksist)

Iraqi Communist Party

Communist Party of Kurdistan

Tudeh Prty of Iran

Communist Party of Ireland

Workers Party of Ireland

Communist Party of Israel

Communist Party (Italy)

Jordanian Communist Party

Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

Party of the Communists of Kyrgyzstan

Workers Party of Korea

Socialist Party of Latvia

Socialist Peoples' Front (Lithuania)

Party of the Congress for the Independence of Madagascar

Communist Party of Mexico

Party of the Communists of Republic of Moldova

Communist Party of Nepal

Communist Party of Norway

Palestinian Communist Party

Paraguayan Communist Party

Communist Party of Peru (Patria Roja)

Peruan Communist Party

Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930)

Portuguese Communist Party

Romanian Socialist Party

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Russian Communist Workers Party

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Communists of Serbia

Communist Party of the People of Spain

Communits of Catalonia

Communist Party of Sri-Lanka

South African Communist Party

Sudanese Communist Party

Communist Party of Sweden

Syrian Communist Party

Syrian Communist Party (Unified)

Communist Party of Tadjikistan

Communist Party of Turkey

Communist Party of Ukraine

Union of Communists of Ukraine

Communist Party of Uruguay

Communist Party of Venezuela