KKE: 'Macron's visit proves the anti-people intentions of the Greek government itself'

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) released a comment on the visit of French president Macron to Greece

ICP, 8 September 2017

In Defence of Communism portal reports that the Commuist Party of Greece has issued a comment regarding the visit of the President of the French Republic Emannuel Macron in Greece  between 7-8 September.

The comment of KKE reads as follows:

"When the government welcomes a President, who in his own country has unleashed the biggest anti-workers attack of the last years, even without a memorandum (of austerity), then everyone understands that this visit not only does not bring any positive thing for the Greek people, but (furthermore) proves the anti-people intentions of the government itself, which Macron rushed to greet. 
Mr.Macron comes to Greece for business, as a representative of French business groups that accompany him and which, in order to invest in our country, will demand the same "labor jungle" that they also demand for French workers."