'The equation of Communism with Nazism is unacceptable and provocative'

Member of the CC of the KKE, Kostas Papadakis, published an article on the last anti-communist provocation of the Estonian Presidency of the EU.

ICP, 30 August 2017

An article titled 'The equation of Communism with Nazism is unacceptable and provocative' was published in the “Efimerida ton Syntakton” newspaper by Kostas Papadakis, member of the Central Committee and MEP of the KKE. 

According to the article, 'The anticommunist conference-provocation of the Estonian Presidency of the EU is no bolt from the blue. Similar anti-communist events being organized in the framework of the so-called "European day of remembrance for the victims of totalitarian regimes", as the EU with enormous budgets is trying to establish the 23rd of August. This is an orchestrated campaign that aims to slander socialism, rewrite history, and to unacceptably and provocatively equate communism with the monster of fascism. I.e. equating Nazism with the forces that in historical terms smashed it.'
In the article Papadakis argued that the goal in this attempt is to conceal the fact that fascism is a form of capital's power in specific conditions. The example of the Nazi Germany shows that German monopolies politically and financially supported the Nazis with the collaboration with those of the "democratic" capitalist states. Historically, just as the USSR had challenged Nazi-fascism, today's communists are the most determined force to combat contemporary today's Nazis.
The article indicated that 'the anti-communist campaign of the EU, of this capitalist union, goes hand in hand with the offensive against the workers'-people's rights and has been going on for many years.' In 2005, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe failed to pass the anti-communist memorandum that would have made the measures accompanying it compulsory for the member-states, owing to the harsh response by the Greek people with the leadership of the KKE. Following the anti-communist resolutions of the European Parliament in the following years EU made other anti-communist proclamations and decisions.
Communist symbols are banned in EU countries where Nazi collaborators and their political descendants are meanwhile granted pensions and privileges. The article said, 'This year, the EU generously financed the "House of European History" in order to promote its anti-historical anti-communist proselytizing while for years it has been organizing the anti-communist programme "Europe for citizens" in order to slander socialism, with the involvement of local municipalities, NGOs etc.... The absence of the government from this year's anti-historical anti-communist fiestas in Estonia cannot conceal the fact that the forces of SYRIZA in the movement are propagandizing-overtly or covertly-the equation of Stalin with Hitler, are playing a leading role in anti-soviet and anti-communist propaganda, while they hide or distort the relationship between capitalism and fascism.'
Regarding the escalation of anticommunism as a precursor of both new anti-people measures and of a new round of imperialist wars, the struggle for workers' power is urgent and the only way out.  The article concluded by calling the peoples to join forces with the communists in order to 'consign capitalism, which creates poverty, wars, fascism-Nazism and its nostalgists,  to the dustbin of history'.