DKP: Stop the war in Syria!

The German Communist Party (DKP) issued a statement on the ongoing military operation of Turkish army and its allies in northern Syria, condemning the invasion and addressing its solidarity with the victims of this attack.

ICP, 30 January 2018


Following the military operation of Turkey in Northern Syria started on 20th of January, German Communist Party condemned th with a statementUS imperialism and its allies. In the statement DKP points the “Regime-Change” politics of EU and Germany in Syria and demands immediate withdrawal of their troops from the region. The statement from the Secretariat of the Executive Committe of DKP reads: “From the beginning, the escalation has been heated by US-imperialism and its regional and European allies. Through political, financial and military support of armed groups and jihadi Terror-organisations, Syria has been broken up. Some of these militias such as “Free Syrian Army” are now fighting alongside with Turkish Army against northsyrian Kurds in Afrin.

Despite the failure of their plans, the West holds its primary aims to divide Near and Middle East through ethnic and religious lines tight, to break up the states and therefore subordinating its people. The US-Imperialism is not only counting on its allies Gulf-States and Israel, but also especially on the EU, which has sustained barbarian economical sanctions against Syria and above all its people for seven years”.

DKP underlines that a peace solution in Syria depends on the territorial and statewise integrity of the country on the condition that all people and religious groups’ self-determined and peaceful living-together is guaranteed. DKP calls for the “immediate withdrawal of Turkish Army from Syria and an end to the invasion, the immediate closure of US-Military bases along with withdrawal of US Army, an end to the “Regime Change” politics of EU and Germany against Syria, immediate withdrawal of German soldiers from the region, an end to the German missions in Jordan and Mediterranean Sea and to the German weapon export especially to Turkey”.

See the link for the full text in German.