CPP commemorates Chris Hani, saying 'No to racism'

Communist Party of Poland (CPP) commemorated Chris Hani, one of the former leaders of South African Communist Party (SACP) who was killed by the Polish Racist Janusz Waluś in 1993.

ICP, 11 May 2017

CPP commemorated Chris Hani with a demonstration against racists demanding the release of his murderer. The demonstration was held under the slogan  "We remember Chris Hani and we despise Waluś". Chris Hani,was one of the former leaders of South African Communist Party (SACP) who was killed by the Polish racist Janusz Waluś back in 1993.

The event took place in Warsaw on the 5th of may with the participation of several dozens of people and also the members of CPP. The demonstration was held in front of the Presidential Palace, at a time when a group of nationalists and racist were going to form a picket with a demand for the release of the murderer Waluś. The racist gathering was to take place as a result of the appeal case of Janusz Waluś, which was held the same day at Bloomfontein Supreme Court.

Holding portraits of Chris Hani, participants of the demonstration carried banners and placards with the slogans „We remember” and „Murderer's place is in prison”. The crowd reminded that killer’s actual aim was to cause a civil war in South Africa, while he refused to give the name of his real paymasters. The racist murderer was also mentioned as a person who did not regret his action.

Later in the event, CPP made a speech and SACP’s statements about the issue were presented to the crowd. The participants also voiced out "We remember Chris Hani, and we despise Waluś!”, "No to racism and glorification of terrorism!” and "Warsaw free of racism!”.

The decision court for the appeal case of the murderer, whose death penalty was changed into life sentence was postponed until 29th of May.