CP of Ukraine on the acts of intimidation against the Party

Communist Party of Ukraine condemned the Ukrainian police for the raid on the premises of the Darnitsa District Committee of the Party. 

ICP, 30 October 2017

Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) issued a statement on the raid on the premises of the Darnitsa District Committee of the Party. CPU stated that the police forces and governmental authorities used a judicial decision made on the basis of falsified data in order to restrict party activities. The statement gave some details about the act of intimidation against the Communist Party. It underlined that the ruling regime intensified pressure on CPU in such a period that more and more people were turning their eyes to the achievements of the communists on the centenary of the October Revolution.

The statement is as follows:

October 26, 2017, officers of the police and punitive agencies of the oligarchic-nazi regime, using a judicial decision fabricated on the basis of falsified data, committed, in fact, a bandit raid on the premises of the Darnitsa District Committee of the CPU in Kiev. 

At a time when real gangsters and murderers are free, when ultra-right and neo-Nazi bandit groups terrorize the population, when explosions and shooting have become routine in the capital of Ukraine, the guards of the collaborators' regime from so-called "law enforcement" agencies controlled by the CIA and FBI for the money of disadvantaged pensioners, workers, teachers, villagers plundered through communal tariffs, prices, unsustainable taxes-for the money of the working people are engaged in political racketeering and outright robbery. Without notifying the First Secretary of the Darnytsky District Committee, without witnesses and independent witnesses, without the advocates police invaded the private apartment using forged keys. 

There were no any illegal items, weapons, explosives, anything that could be used to "overthrow" the constitutional order and incite ethnic strife and could not be in the premises of the Darnitsa District Committee of the Party. But such "trifles" are not an obstacle for the performers of the political order, that's why we are ready for anything. They found a nonexistent grenade in the trash can and held for a year and a half two of our comrades in the jail - the Dniprodzerzhinsk Communists Tkachenko and Timofeev. And the fact that the grenade with the number indicated by the esbehouses did not leave the military unit (the document, the military attorney certified by the commander was given to the court) was not even taken into account. 

There is no doubt that such an act of intimidation against the Communist Party and the Communists is connected with the growth of protest moods in the society and the understanding that none of the oligarchic parties is able to reverse the situation in the country, stop the war and curb crime, is unable to lead Ukraine out of that crisis in which it drove the oligarchs and their Department of State owners. 

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, more and more people are turning their eyes to the achievements and successes of the Soviet Ukraine that were achieved during the period of the power of the bloc of Communists and non-Party people. Therefore, the repressive machine of the ruling regime constantly intensifies the pressure on our party and our comrades. This court decision on the search and seizure of property, based on a certain criminal proceedings against the citizens of V. Oleinik and J. Kot, who have not the slightest relation neither to the  Communist Party, nor even to the office of the Darnytsa District Committee, testifies   ordered that  this criminal case itself, and the decision of the judge are engaged. 

Recall that from the first day after the armed coup in February 2014, the SBU and the Prosecutor General's Office, under the direct public order of the interim president Turchinov, began to fabricate criminal cases against communists and Party leaders on the basis of Internet communications of so-called activists and false publications in the controlled by oligarchs and neo-Nazi media. They did not shun  "confessions" given under torture in the dungeons of the SBU and the cellars of punitive battalions. 

We publish the text of the judicial falsification and send information about the next crime of the regime to the PACE, the OSCE, the UN Office on Human Rights, to international human rights organizations. The perpetrators of the crimes of the ruling regime and those who carry out its criminal orders must be brought to justice. And not only before the court of history.