TPI condemns US and warns against provocations

Tudeh Party of Iran (TPI) condemned Trump’s speech threatening Iran and warned against any provocative actions.

ICP, 23 October 2017

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran issued a statement the heading The adventurous and hegemonic policies of the Trump government towards Iran are a serious threat to regional peace!’ regarding US President Donald Trump’s speech on Friday 13 October. The speech not only addressed the issue of Iran's compliance under the The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal but redefined the strategy of the US towards the Middle East.

The statement noted that Trump’s speech was made only days after the announcement of the withdrawal of US and Israel from the membership of the UNESCO, since it supported ‘the rightful demands of the Palestinian people’. Donald Trump's remarks should be considered as an ‘outright stance on support for reactionary states in the region - and in particular Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt’.  

The Tudeh Party of Iran underlined that the new strategic approach of the US posed a ‘specific and significant threat’ to the national sovereignty and security of Iran. It also threatened peace and security in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. By calling Iran a ‘rogue state’ and ‘main sponsor of terrorism’ in the world, US imperialism has been trying to justify its interventionalist policies together with its regional allies such as the reactionary regimes of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

According to the statement, ‘By announcing certain decisions in relation to the JCPOA Trump also pragmatically tried to not only keep his options open in ultimate decision making, but also to make the US Congress ultimately responsible for the decision as to whether to stay in the JCPOA or leave it altogether - and gave the Congress 60 days to decide whether the United States should continue to support the agreement or once again pursue a policy of nuclear and non-nuclear sanctions in relation to Iran’.

The TPI indicated that the president of the US ‘also effected a fake sentiment of solidarity towards the Iranian people albeit in an artificial and insincere fashion’, claiming to support the Iranian people and their opposition against the regime. The statement reminded that US administration has historically implemented an aggressive policy towards Iran in its history including the period before the Islamic state.

On the other hand, the TPI also stressed its concern ‘about the dangerous prospects for possible adventurous positions to be taken by the conservative and reactionary circles of the ruling regime’, pointing out to their way of justification in face of the new line of US administration. The provocations by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives was replied by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander who threated of stiking US bases in the region.

The Tudeh Party of Iran, while condemning Donald Trump's aggressive, intrusive and irresponsible policies, warned against any aggressive and adventurous actions and statements. It said, ‘Any provocative action and ill-considered statement that broadens the dimensions of the conflict will put our homeland at risk of the direct aggression of US imperialism, or its direct and indirect allies’.

The Tudeh Party of Iran expressed its concern on the devastating effects of US economic sanctions on the lives of the people of Iran. The Party emphasised that any foreign interference in the affairs of Iran would not only jeopardise the people's struggle for freedom and getting rid of the dictatorship of the autocratic regime, but would actually be an instrument in the hands of the ruling reaction to exacerbate the atmosphere of oppression and repression. Lastly, the TPI called all forces in struggle for peace to embark on the framework of the UN Charter and international law.