Lebanese CP calls for resistance against American-Israeli project

Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party issued a statement on the al-Aqsa aggression of Israel

ICP, 1 August 2017

The statement of the Political Bureau pointed out that Israel had benefited from the results of the last Riyadh summit, following the declaration of “normalizing policies and future alliances”. Encouraged by the summit, it took aggressive security measures in Jerusalem, as a “fulfillment of its institutionalized colonial policies, along with the continuous seizure of the land and history in the aim of erasing the Arab identity and its eradication from Jerusalem and its inhabitants.” The PB of the Lebanese CP condemned the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and saluted the people’s uprising led by the inhabitants of Jerusalem and followed by Palestinians everywhere, “rising above splits and divisions”. 

The statement underlined that the defense of al-Aqsa required all national forces and movements, Palestinian and Arab, to maintain the growth of the Intifada for it to consolidate the natural retaliation. It also indicated that the freeing of Ersal “from extremists, by the hands of the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese Army” proposed for the Lebanese people the priority of the common resistance to foreign attacks arising from the American-Israeli project and its tools, be it regimes or political powers and extremist groups”. The PB highlighted the need to resist to “the internal challenges and dangers emanating from the sectarian system and discourse of several Lebanese political forces, which call for the suppression of the national dimension of this battle, in order for them to improve their position in the internal political equation”. 
According to the statement, all communists and nationalists were called to resist and stand against any military attack from extremists, in defense of their villages. The PB called for a collaboration in confronting these dangers, based on the project of liberation in a unified national vision. The LCP, “along with the same rationale of resistance”, also condemned the policies of discrimination between the different sectors and the split it aimed at creating in the union movement. The statement went as follows: “With the ratification of the budget on the horizon, the political bureau calls on the government to discontinue its efforts in widening the domain of the taxes and indirect fees which affect the middle and working classes and intentionally barter the benefits and burdens amongst the dispossessed themselves, instead of forcing the bourgeoisie to pay the largest part of these burdens”.