Condemnation and solidarity messages on İstanbul attack (Updated)

Solidarity and condolences message from Philippine​ ​Communist​ ​Party (PKP-1930) to Communist Party, Turkey:

Dear comrade :

    It is with shock and revulsion that we learned of the despicable terrorist operation perpetrated yesterday by 3 suicide bombers --- agents of the so-called “Islamic State (IS)” –- who in the middle of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan killed at least 38 persons (including 13 foreigners) and wounded 239 others at the Kemal Attaturk International Airport in Istanbul.

    This senseless killing and maiming of innocent people deserves worldwide condemnation, and the forging of international cooperation in the joint struggle to fight the “IS”, “Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra Front”, jihadism, and terrorism in all its forms. There can be no justification –- religious, ethnic, political, or any other bases –- for terrorism.

    This atrocious terrorist attack at the Attaturk International Airport  follows other senseless acts of violence by the “IS” in your country : the October 2015 twin suicide bombings which killed 102 people at a peace rally outside the Ankara train station ; the January 12, 2016 attack that killed a dozen German tourists visiting Istanbul's historic sites ; and the March 19, 2016 suicide bombing at an Istanbul main street which killed 5 people.

    In your neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and maimed in attacks and other atrocities perpetrated by “IS” and other terrorist forces which were trained by the CIA, Mossad and Turkish intelligence agencies inside Turkey. The US imperialists supply the “IS” forces through Turkey, with the open support and cooperation of Turkey's Sunni fundamentalist dictatorship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which is bent on overthrowing Syria’s leader, the secular Shiite Bashar al-Assad.

    Erdogan has kept Turkey in the US-led NATO, and Turkey under Erdogan serves as the main link to NATO of the Gulf Cooperation Council (the reactionary monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait, which are the main funders of “Al Qaeda/Al-Nusra” and other Sunni jihadist groups). Erdogan is complicit in the sending of “IS” and other terrorist forces to Syria and Iraq, in the propagation of Islamist propaganda, and in the plunder of Syrian and Iraqi oil by “IS” terrorists who sell these cheaply to Turkey.

    The responsibility for the “IS” terrorist attacks inside Turkey therefore also rests upon the bloody hands of the Erdogan dictatorship. On this tragic note, we wish to extend heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed, and wish speedy recovery to those wounded and injured in yesterday's terrorist attack by the “IS” in Istanbul.

                                        Very sincerely,

                                      ANTONIO  E.  PARIS
                                        General Secretary



Solidarity and condolences message from Workers Party of Belgium (PTB-PVDA) to Communist Party, Turkey:

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the National Council and the membership of the Worker's Party of Belgium (PTB-PVDA), we wish to express our solidarity in this grave moment when Istanbul once again fell victim to terrorist attacks. Our sympathy goes to the victims and their relatives, to the people of Istanbul and of the entire country, and to the Communist Party, Turkey, its leadership and membres. We are confident that they will face this important challenge with courage and determination.

Fraternal greetings,

Mario Franssen Head,

Departement of International Relations Member, National Council PTB-PVDA


Solidarity and condolences message from Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia to Communist Party, Turkey:

Dear comrades,  

With deep both sadness and grievance, we have followed the news about a suicide assassination in Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport in Tuesday, June 28, 2016, when at least 41 people were killed and 239 others were injured. 

That tragic incident, another one in an endless row of suicidal blasts or another terrorist attacks in the Middle East, Europe and beyond, has brought again nothing but absolutely pointless, irretrievable losses of human lives and a deep paint to the others.  

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia clearly condemns any violent terrorist action, whatever reason can be for doing them; the more that their both the targets and the victims are innocent people.   

We express our deepest sympathy to all the bereaved who have lost their nearest because of that unforgivable act. Just so, we express our solidarity to anyone struggling for his/her life or health after being injured by the blast.   

Comradely greetings

                                                                                      JUDr Vojtech Filip  
                                                                                 Chairman of CPBM’s CC 


Solidarity and condolences message from Communist Party of Ukraine to Communist Party, Turkey:

Dear Comrades,

Please accept my personal and of the Communist Party of Ukraine deepest condolences to all people of Turkey in connection with the terrorist act committed in Istanbul Ataturk Airport resulted in death and injury of many people. The political leadership of Turkey bears responsibility for these attack, because this government has turned the country into arena of civil, religious and ethnic conflicts, dragged her into the war on the side of US imperialism against the peoples inhabiting the region. We express our solidarity with the Communist Party, Turkey and all people of Turkey and call on all workers to support the Turkish Communists in the fight against terrorism and a common security threats in the region, and declare that there are no goals that can justify terrorism. It is possible to win this global evil only by joint efforts of the entire international community. We wish all the families and friends of died in this attack of fortitude and and the victims - a speedy recovery.

We say: "No kills! No terrorism! No violence!"

With respect and communist greetings,

First Secretary Communist Party of Ukraine

Petro Symonenko


Solidarity and condolences message from Communist Party of Greece to Communist Party, Turkey:

Dear comrades,

We express our condolences concerning the victims of the criminal attack at Istanbul airport.

The peoples of the entire region must be vigilant, because the contradictions and the conflicts of the imperialists in the region are the terrain on which the peoples shed their blood and such acts are integrated into plans to escalate the interventions and wars for the profits of the monopolies, to impose repressive measures against the workers.

The AKP government bears serious responsibilities, because its political line has entangled Turkey directly in the imperialist plans and antagonisms.

The peoples of the region, who are paying a heavy blood price for the shifts and realignments amongst NATO, the EU, the USA,  Russia, Israel, the Gulf monarchies, have every interest in uniting in a common struggle to fight for their interests against the interests of the monopolies, the bourgeoisies, the imperialists.

We please ask you to convey the internationalist solidarity of the Greek communists to the working class, the people of Turkey and the families of the victims.

​International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE​


Statement of Communist Party, Turkey:

'No power but our own will liberate us! Rise up!'

As the people, it is not in our nature to become hardened to these massacres, to succumb to tyranny and to keep silent in the face of fundamentalism and injustice. Ones who do so lose their humanity and they do not deserve to be called the 'people'.

We reject getting used to massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders.

We reject putting up with a government that always tries to present massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders as ordinary events.

We reject keeping silent against a government that interferes in other countries’ internal affairs, that instigates terrorists to attack those lands, and that backs those same terrorists in the name of “sacred values” in its own country. 

We reject recognizing the law of those who pass new bills in the parliament while tens die due to the indifference, hypocrisy, sinister plans, and ineptitude of the government.

We reject putting up with the bourgeoisie and moneybags who think the sun rises and sets on their profits in this bloodbath. 

We reject tolerating those enemies of humanity, the so-called "experts” of the mass media who mock the grief of people and threaten them.

We reject leaving the Turkish Airlines administration in peace, as they employ ISIS sympathizers in the most critical positions.

We reject accepting a Prime Minister who claims that “there was no security flaw in the airport” and those officials who left the surviving passengers without any assistance in Taksim square in the middle of the night. 

We will not tolerate those cab drivers, who only care about money, who overcharged people in desperate need of help, while tarnishing their colleagues’ reputation who rushed the injured to the hospital free of charge. 

As the people, it is not in our nature to become hardened to these massacres, to succumb to tyranny and to keep silent in the face of fundamentalism and injustice. Ones who do so lose their humanity and they do not deserve to be called the 'people'. 

The solution will not come from heavens! This country will not see bright days without the struggle for it! 

Do not simply complain, get organized! 

While our people are being massacred, the bosses are grumbling about "country's reputation" and "loss of revenues in tourism."
Stand up and fight those bosses and the reactionary government that they have installed in our country like a curse. Do not leave that task to others.

Rise up!

Communist Party, Turkey (KP)